Cal Major



Cal speaks from the heart - her passion and warmth are deeply infectious and inspiring.

I am a seasoned, international public speaker and presenter, and love using face to face engagement to inspire, empower and deliver my messages. From corporate settings to adventure festivals, universities to schools, I tailor my presentations to each audience, happy to work with you on specific topics.

I also work closely with film makers to document my expeditions, and as such have a range of media available to accompany speeches and events.

Ocean Conservancy:

The oceans are our planet’s life force, and they connect each and every one of us, producing over half the oxygen we breathe on Earth. Facing the biggest catastrophes to date - plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change - I set about to tackle these issues the only way I knew how - bringing positive messages of hope and empowerment amongst the scourge of negativity around the subjects.

I am proud to be an established and experienced environmental campaigner in my local community and nationwide, and am well versed in the details of the plastic pollution crisis. I have had the pleasure of working with businesses and individuals to inspire the need to change, and empower them to do so with pride.

I believe that reconnecting to nature is the first and most crucial step to driving a desire to protect our natural world. People protect what they love, but they only love what they know. I am also a passionate advocate for time in nature for mental wellbeing, and feel that this is closely linked to positive environmentalism.

Motivational and Inspirational Talks:

Through my expeditions, I have overcome fear, doubt and indecision to reach out from my comfort zone into personal growth, empowerment and self respect. I relate tales from my expeditions to everyday context, with powerful storytelling.

Topics include:

  • How ditching my safety boat allowed me to realise a potential I didn't know was waiting to be found, and how you can ditch your own safety boat to achieve your impossible too.

  • Despite my stubborn independence, my expeditions have highlighted to me the vital importance of team work and the realisation that even on a solo mission a well resourced and communicative team is essential.

  • Through visualisation, goal setting and celebrating achievement, I talk through the steps to mastering the endurance mindset and how this can help us to achieve seemingly impossible tasks, whether paddling 40 miles through a storm, positive business or personal development, or something as vast as turning the tide on plastic pollution.

Topics: Realising your potential / Stepping outside your comfort zone for personal growth / Team Work / Mastering the Endurance Mindset / Planning and goal setting / Visualisation / Respect for nature / The importance of ocean health and ocean conservancy / Plastic pollution and solutions / 

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“Cal is a such a brilliant speaker. She is articulate, intelligent and passionate about her subject but delivers it in a relatable and engaging way.  Her core message around plastic pollution is so key across all sectors, but she also brings messages around resilience, endurance, team work and goal setting.  Cal took time to meet our conference committee and chatted with our delegates throughout the day. I would thoroughly recommend her as a speaker.” Elise MacDonald, Lux Events.

“She is an engaging speaker, and possibly one of the nicest people you will ever meet.” Cornwall WI

“Cal gave a fantastic presentation to our office about plastic in the ocean and how we can help towards the problem. She tailor-made her presentation to suit our office and was very flexible and a pleasure to work with. Cal has an extremely warm and friendly personality and managed to keep the whole office interested and engaged throughout, provoking discussions and questions around the issues.” Small Luxury Hotels

“Cal was the perfect keynote speaker - able to relate to every single person in the room and share her stories and mission in a humbling and inspiring way. I had so many comments about her after the event about how helpful her talk was. It was the icing on the cake that she was also selected as the Polly Birch Award winner too for her environmental efforts to leave a positive stamp on this earth.” Dr Ebony Escalona, Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify

“Incredible! Your passion and personality bring a real freshness to the subject.”

Previous talks include:

  • Coco Collection, Maldives

  • HIT Scotland Talent Conference Keynote and Workshops

  • The University of Edinburgh

  • Midcounties COOP AGM

  • The Eden Project: Festival of Hope

  • VSGD Conference Keynote

  • Patagonia Adventure Activists Tour

  • Boardmasters Festival, for Surfers Against Sewage

  • Women’s Adventure Expo

  • SheXtreme UK Tour

  • Kendal Mountain Festival

  • Numerous other adventure and film festivals