Cal Major
Cal Major by Will Copestake


Cal Major

I am an ocean advocate, veterinary surgeon and adventure-seeker, passionate about connecting people to our oceans, and protecting the ecosystems and animals within them. I do this through speaking, presenting, campaigning, writing and films.

The oceans produce over half the oxygen we breathe on Earth; their health is intrinsically linked to ours. They are threatened every day by human activity including plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change. But there is so much we can do to ensure their protection.

Communicating that, with passion and positivity, is my mission.

 Paddle Against Plastic



Paddle Against Plastic was born in 2016 out of a need to talk to people about plastic pollution, and the positive solutions to it.

There is often a lot of negativity and doom and gloom surrounding environmentalism, so much so that it can completely paralyse us.

Paddle Against Plastic aims to bring positivity to the topic, and empower pride in being part of the solution.



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