Connection to nature

Connection to Nature - why is it important?

I believe that as a society we are generally disconnected from nature.

The truth is, we are intrinsically linked to it.

Studies have shown the enormous benefits of time spent in nature on our physical and emotional wellbeing, and I have experienced the incredible benefits of being out in nature myself. On my Isle of Skye expedition I was completely alone except for the wildlife, and I have never felt so free, and such a part of the environment away from all the ridiculousness of daily life, and away from the noise of society. I thrived in that environment, but was also made aware of how infrequently I had experienced it before.

People protect what they love.
But they only love what they know!

Being connected to nature is undoubtedly instrumental in nurturing a desire to protect it.

So how can we reconnect to nature? By spending mindful time in it, understanding what it means to us on a personal level - whether that’s the ocean, the mountains or somewhere completely different! It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that adventurers and explorers are often at the forefront of environmental campaigning - they spend all their time immersed in that environment, experiencing first hand its majesty, and the threats facing it.

Part of my mission now is to help people reconnect to the environment, in a way that is meaningful to them on a personal level. I hope this will develop desire to protect an environment that literally sustains our lives on this planet.

Cal Major